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Scope of IT Consultant in Health Field

07 2024
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By:- Madhvi Jain

In today’s scenario people are using IT solutions and tools in every field whether it is an organizational task or a routine working of the person. IT- based solutions are having major impacts on almost all activities of any organization. Likewise, in the health sector, the role of IT increases day by day. Many important tasks of health organization can be done easily with the help of different IT tools but it is not possible for every organization to have sufficient technical staff and expertise to guide them to develop these tools on their own. It increases the scope of an IT consultant in the health sector.

A health IT consultant has expert knowledge in his field who can give proper advice, right solutions, bring new ideas and diverse ways of thinking to achieve goals of the organizations working in health sector.

Why is an organization unable to have eligible IT team?

It is very difficult for health organizations to have proper IT manpower . There are many reasons for that and one of them is generally IT persons not having proper knowledge of the working of health organization. They are a novice to understand the requirements of health organizations. Another one is, IT professionals switch from one job to another very frequently. Mostly there are NGO’s and nonprofit organizations which are working in health segment for the betterment of the community. Therefore, they depend on the donor agencies for finance. So salary structure is relatively less in health domain in comparison to the other sectors. IT persons get a very handsome salary in marketing firms, in core IT firms or in e-commerce firms and likewise.

Areas of IT are very vast. Every new day comes with new IT tool. Recently the use of GIS, ODK, Cloud computing, mobile apps increased in health surveys. Therefore, up gradation of the knowledge of a health IT professional is very necessary. But it is difficult for IT professional to have the appropriate skill set as well as talent and aptitude to be updated. It is also very costly to set and maintain IT infrastructure.

The role of HIT Consultant

To increase the efficiency of the workers, consultant suggests the improvements and deeper changes in the existing system used by the organization. IT consultants act as an educator who shares the best possible technology to the organization at the lowest possible cost. They help in increasing the ability of employees, including non-IT personnel, without going through IT departments.

Advancement of IT takes place frequently, here an IT consultant equips himself and then the organization with the latest technical changes and improvements according to the requirements of the organization. They help the management to take a decision and make changes accordingly and timely. A consultant is like a bridge between the actual situation and the desired situation.

The role of a consultant is always questionable that it may over budget the project or dependability on consultant might increase, or they may manipulate the objectives of the organization and many more. But although if some concerns like a specific goal, fixed technical & administrative parameters, time allocation, described work of organizational staff and consultant, budget allocation are considered, it will be beneficial for the organizations to have an IT consultant.

In all, Today we are moving towards digital India. We can say that in today’s scenario the scope of a Health IT consultant is very wide. It increases the use of digital technologies in our everyday life which includes cloud computing and mobile applications to share information and connect with each other.

To conclude, it can be reasonably stated that for developing and maintaining advance health system for the benefits and the betterment of the community for the long-term, the use of digital tools is essential. And a health IT consultant can make us enable to achieve this goal.



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