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IT Consultancy

As IT Consultancy firm, Rohitah International assesses a business or project processes and provides software solutions and other recommendations based on that assessment. If the software solutions are already deployed then we may suggest the improvements and bottlenecks in the existing system to improve the working as a part of our consultation. We may suggest integration of customized software into processes in order to increase efficiency and minimize manpower or costs. 


The project team, which is typically made up of personnel from both the hirer's organization and Rohitah International, work together to come up with solutions that suit the needs of the business or project. We provide special training during the project to the Personnel who will work closely with the final solution.

There are two types of Consultancy:

1. Project level consultancy

2. Organization/firm level consultancy

Organizations can hire our services either on a project basis or a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) can be signed and can utilize specific resources of Rohitah as one’s own IT resources. A certain time frame can be agreed upon by both parties before signing MoU/contract for various activities as per requirement.

Consultancy which is given to a company/organization is quite different than consultancy provided in a project. Consultancy covers IT support in all stages of a project wherever required which includes support in budget planning, execution and proper monitoring and evaluation. The project ends mean support on all tools developed under consultancy will be stopped. Whereas consultancy at firm/organization level works for a longer period of time.

As per the requirement of the firm, the consultancy may cover support in all hardware purchases, budget planning, software developments, data management activities and other routine IT based activities. The fees of such consultation may seem on the higher side but in all,  total expenses on all IT based activities of the firm will reduce significantly. 



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