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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) helps our client to get exact information whenever they need it. If you have any questions, queries, please feel free to contact us on  anytime and anywhere because we are here to serve you effective solutions to your entire needs.

The following questions and answers provide general information about the Rohitah Education & Training Program.

    Q. What is the Rohitah Education and Training Program?
    Q. What courses do the Rohitah offers?
    Q. Where are the classes held?
    Q. When are the courses being offered?
    Q. Who is eligible to join the course?
    Q. Do I get credit or a certificate for completing a course?
    Q. Is it OK to attend an advanced course if I do not attend the basic course?
    Q. Where can I get the basic training materials if I want to join the advanced course?
    Q. If I do not understand some parts of the course module, who can I ask?
    Q. If I have some questions about my assignments, who can I ask?
    Q. What should I do if I do not have software that you teach?
    Q. What are the benefits of certification courses? How will it help my career?
    Q. What are the duration & batch timings of the courses at Rohitah?
    Q. How can I contact you?



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