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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) helps our client to get exact information whenever they need it. If you have any questions, queries, please feel free to contact us on  anytime and anywhere because we are here to serve you effective solutions to your entire needs.

    Q. I just need someone to do a quick analysis for my project. Do you provide that?
    Q. How can we engage Rohitah to provide services for our organization?
    Q. Do you perform consultation via the phone and The Web, or site visit is the must?
    Q. Can remote communication influence the effectiveness of Rohitah’s work?
    Q. How quickly can a project be initiated?
    Q. How will I benefit from cooperating with Rohitah?
    Q. What will be my responsibilities?
    Q. What technologies do you use?
    Q. I would like to see Rohitah previous projects?
    Q. How can I communicate with Rohitah?
    Q. How can you guarantee my software security and privacy?
    Q. What are the project deliverables?
    Q. Can you assure me that I will get an answer in your deliverable reports that I want?
    Q. I would like a rough guess on my project cost. What should I do?
    Q. What are the benefits of hiring a consultant?
    Q. How much do you charge for a consulting engagement?



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