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Our Mission

Rohitah’s Vision

Our Vision is to strengthen existing systems, augment individual capabilities and propose innovative solutions with the help of Information Technology to achieve better outcomes for the community.


Rohitah’s Mission

Our Mission is to be a highly trustworthy, leading research organization providing elite services for Data Management, Software Development, Education, Consultancy and all Information Technology and Communication related solutions.


Rohitah’s Aims & Objectives:-

(1)  To conduct quality Data Entry, Data Management and Data Analysis work.

(2)  To develop Web Based / Desktop Based Application Software for Management of Office / Research works.

(3)  To undertake short and long term IT based Training Programme in Online / Offline mode for Education, Management, Communication & Development.

(4)  To undertake research in the field of Healthcare Management, Agriculture and Education through Information Technology.

(5)  To provide, maintain, conduct , assist and establish IT environment for scientific research which include field survey, proposal writing , report writing and analysis , software development, Data Entry support and supervision, Data management, support in hardware setup, website development, web based tools development, server management etc..

(6)  To give Consultation in Proposal development, Tools designing, planning in field work, data entry and management, Data analysis and report writing to other Research Institutions.

(7)  To conduct conferences, seminars, demonstrations and exhibitions relating to the research done and results obtained.

(8)  To Print/Publish matter that may be considered desirable for the promotion of activities of the firm.

(9)  To do all acts, matters and things as are incidental or conductive to the attainment of the above aims and objectives or any one or more of them.


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